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This showreel is an example of the range of diverse projects that TBS have delivered over the past ten years. From large Outside Broadcasts to complex multi camera shoots we can deliver on all fronts and deliver it better and cheaper than anyone else in the country. And that's fact!

Within the showreel there are examples of:
Outside Broadcast
Multi-Camera Entertainment
Music Videos
and more...

We believe that tv can be made on a small budget, with small crews, on time and at the highest quality...at a cost you won't find ANYWHERE else.

The brief was to shoot a live DVD for death-metal outfit 'Annotations Of An Autopsy' which was to be released as a bonus DVD on their upcoming CD release (released worldwide through Earache records). Amazingly the whole show was planned, prepared, shot and edited by two of our multi-talented inhouse staff. It is a prime example of our attention to detail and our streamlined approach to filming projects, the savings of which we then pass onto you!

In addition to the filming of the show we also prepared and delivered the DVD menu utilising our in house graphics department.

One our most recent projects was to produce and film a promotional music video for rising stars of the rockabilly scene 'Furious'. The finished video is one that reflects the era of the music and is a true reflection of the scene and the people within it. This attention to detail is paramount to the way we work and conduct ourselves, and is something we bring to every project, regardless of its content. Once again this video was filmed with a skeleton crew, further proving that you don't need lots of money of people to make something of quality.